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How To Make Android Games, Easy And Can Make Yourself

Why does the game make us enjoy playing it?

Online game phenomena are now loved by young people in Indonesia. Online game fever hit a lot of circles, from children to adults. The number of gamers in Indonesia continues to grow. This development cannot be separated from the role of the sophistication of the smartphone today. Sustainable smartphone development makes it easy for smartphone users to play games. The trend that is busy playing by the Indonesian people is Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Mobile Legend, and more. The interest of young people to play games is getting higher, not a few people trying to make their games. There are many types of games that can be searched and downloaded on the Google Play Store for free. It turns out only armed with an Android smartphone, can you also make games. You don’t need special skills, even a number of ways to make Android games do not require coding. So, you can play your own game freely.

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Use Appsgeyser.

First of all you can make your own Android game through the AppSgeyser website. The steps are easy for you to follow.
1. You open a website, then click Create Now.
2. Then select another application. This is a page for you to create games because websites not only provide games.
3. Then select the matching puzzle.
4. This is an example of making a game about puzzles. When you try to make this game, you must provide at least six different images for you to model puzzles.
5. Change all elements according to your requirements.
6. If you have, you can preview it first. If so, click Next.
7. Fill in all steps according to your needs.
8. Then click Create. Previously you must have an apssgeyser account first, you can retrieve the APK file that you created earlier.
9. Finish.

Use QuickAppninja.

Then you can make your own game through QuickAppninja. To create this Android game, you must register on the site. On this site, there are five types of games that you can choose.
Five types of available games including guessing pictures, guessing images with words, guessing images with pictures puzzles, words of stringing, and finally chatting. How to make this Android game will take an example of making games guess images with words.
1. Click on the game option. Here will choose to guess the image or guess the picture with the word.
2. The screen will appear to edit the game and the color of the game. Some of the things that need to be edited are game icons, game themes, quiz content in games, sound games, game menus, and more. You only need to choose according to your wishes.
3. Then you will be asked to set the game source. You just fill in the name of the game, email, provisions, and number of letters.
4. After everything is finished, click Game Generate in the right corner. You only need to wait before the game can be downloaded and uploaded to the Google Play Store.
5. Finish.