Justin Saliba wins $5,300 Online Poker

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Justin Saliba Wins 2021 Series World Poker Online $ 5,300 High Roller Events

Resident Las Vegas exceeded 188 players to win his first bracelet and $ 253,800.

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gambling live one


  • WINS 2021 Series World Poker Online

Justin ‘Jsaliba2’ Poker Poker Tournament Recorded First Saliba came during the summer of 2019. The score increased the revenue of the Saliba’s lifetime tournament to $ 455,167. The top 25 finisers make money in this event, with many big names among those who cashed, including the winners of the bracelet three times and WPT Champion Nick ‘Cashusklay Schulman (29 – $ 8,554), the winner of the two-time bracelet’ Panoramic ‘Dunst (28th – $ 8,554), WSOP online bracelet winner recently Gionni ‘Coldwardid’ Dins ($ 8,930), Winner of the Arkadiy ‘Crocofantos’ tinist bracelet (17 – $ 9,870), Winner of Jason ‘Haderade’ Somerville (18-870) bracelet, player player The current card is the leader of the year of Ali ‘Sasukecha’ Imsirovic (17 – $ 9,870), Winner of Andrew ‘Watchguy42’ Lichtenberger (13 – $ 12.220), and the winner of the two-time Bracelet Ryan ‘adopt_adogg0’ Leng (12th – $ 12,220).

The final nine table starts with ‘Orcinusorca’ above the number of chips and Saliba in third place. Jonathan art bracelet winner. Vandelay ‘Dokler scored the first two falls that day, eliminating Michael’ Brocklesnar ‘Holtz (9 – $ 15,980) and Boivin Thomas’ Havanaaclub’ (8 – $ 22.560) to enter the chip game by leading the chip.


John ‘Macallan25’ Riordan is the one who is next to fall. 2021 A.S. Open poker $ 10,000 Winner of a large mixed bet event gets all-in with Adiamond Suitkheart Suit facing the Sixes pocket from ‘Orcinusorca’. The pocket couple survived to send Riordan to virtual rails in seventh place ($ 35,720). ‘Orcinusorca’ continues to accumulate, win all-in Big All-in with the Queen’s pocket against Queen Ace of Joshua ‘Zeal1906’ ray to narrow the field for only five players. Ray produces $ 47,000 for its deep run. Yaginuma dropped a pair of king and held from there to knock Zamani in fifth place ($ 56,400).

Saliba made tens on the banks of the river to cut the field into three players. Yaginuma took home $ 84,600 for the five largest cash of his career. With that, Saliba took more than 3.5: 1 chip led into the head game with Jonathan Dokler. It didn’t take long for him to change the profit to the title. Saliba hobbled from the button for a total of 50,000 with the suit of the KSPade suit. Dokler moved all-in for around 10 large blinds with a Suit5heart 5heart suit. Saliba calls and the board comes to aheart suitcclub suit8diamond suitkdiamond suit7club suit. Saliba traveled the kings locking pot and title, while Dokler took home $ 148,000 for the second show.

The following is the payment display provided in the final table:

Place Player Earnings
1 Justin ‘Jsaliba2’ Saliba $253,800
2 Jonathan ‘Art.Vandelay’ Dokler $148,050
3 Jesse ‘Patient0’ Yaginuma $84,600
4 ‘OrcinusOrca’ $65,800
5 Martin ‘bathroomline’ Zamani $56,400
6 Joshua ‘Zeal1906’ Ray $47,000
7 John ‘Macallan25’ Riordan $35,720
8 Thomas ‘HavanaClub’ Boivin $22,560
9 Michael ‘BrockLesnar’ Holtz $15,980