Most Costly Poker Chip Sets

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Head-Turning, Expensive Poker Chip Set That Might Damage The Bank!

Poker saw seven most expensive poker chip sets available. Do you have abundant resources to make your next home part?

gambling live one

gambling live one

There is no home poker room or night playing with friends will be finished with a fair poker chip set. In addition, those who have a large expenditure plan might look for excellent poker chip sets on the expensive side. Fortunately, finding a poker chip set is just one or two ticks. A number of online outlets offer more expensive and very good chips. The Chip authorities will also track a pair away for most player bankroll. However, it is not pleasant to see, regardless. Here for a while in some expensive set of poker chips, from creative matters of collectors above the line set that can be used that will be without any doubts of intrigue.

Swarovski and Poker Poker Alrigator set, £ 62,000

Be prepared to open the wallet for this expensive chip set. English retailer Geoffrey Parker sells specific items, they have made handmade games selection since 1961.

  • It highlights the alternatives that can really be adjusted. It arrived in the case of an interesting and luxurious crocodile calfskin, including Swarovski gem.

You can update the entire settings to combine jewelry and rubies – with uptick in cost, clear. The actual chip also highlights tones and special examples. It stands apart more than the items delivered in bulk. In 2017, the most expensive gifts in the world in Channel 4 in the UK include comparable sets. Life is like a hot shot with this luxury set.

Set of stahl meteorite poker, $ 150,000

The name says everything at a truly extraordinary cost. The set of highlighting diamond poker chips and real bits of falling stars 800,000 years in Sweden. The crazy list item for this super expensive poker chip continues forever:

  • Produced by Stahl from Sweden
  • Chips covered with 18-carat white gold.
  • They also combine many blings: beautiful precious stones.
  • Rubi Burma.
  • Sri Lanka Sapphires.

The set accompanies 120 chips for the Swedish calf situation and deer of the calf soften cow leather. Buyers will also find two settings playing card games. Be it because it’s possible, they seem to be somewhat from ideas that think too much about various kinds of comfort. At this value point, the possibility of this chips is not only to come out and play with friends. Maybe than their stay in your poker room, it’s safe maybe together. This set brings new interests on the expression “Jewel Flush.”

Cartier poker set, $ 7,500 (may also cost more exorbitant)

No one really says class like Cartier. French producers and gems have created matters of waste since 1847.

  • During the 1980s, the creation also included an interesting setting of this artificial ivory poker chip.

Chips arrived in the case of Burgundy Calfskin which is not flexible, which combines the conclusions of a brilliant metal logo. A “de Cartier requirements that need not be questioned, Paris” metal plates are also seen in it. Cold white plaques including just adding to the vibration of “poker night in Monaco”. This set without doubt is not a player to find in Amazon. This limited release set is made in Italy and is really unusual. They will spend a lot of costs for sale and exchange locations.

Buckingham poker set, £ 21,000

This poker is set of extravagance planners Lancelot Lancaster White (LLW) is amazing – and expensive. Poker friends will wonder about beautiful skills,

  • This set of chips is really a show-stopper.

His chips cover one good tone. Stylish llw configuration complete with a suit card appears on the edge of each chip. Outstanding Mysterio extravagance poker box combines new brammah keys and authentic silver manufacturer plates disguise mysterious compartments.

  • Silver hand cast on each side of the stack chip makes a simple evacuation plate, and each plate includes the LLW logo.
  • A large number of parts are also covered in gold, adding to the look of luxury.
  • This is a stand-out set that is registered for each owner and looks very luxurious you might not have the desire to play with him.

Playing with Buckingham set will without doubt qualify as an extraordinary event.

Cartier mother of poker pearl box, $ 30,000

Maybe you get to now having a fun poker chip setting but only needs to update your case. Cartier once delivered this fine poker chip box.

  • The cover that really stands apart with the cheetah covered by a stylish game plan.

Crates are made of sycamore wood and marquetry mother-of-pearls, and find that is not simple. Evaluated at $ 7,500, some locals have recorded it as high as $ 30,000. However, most online retailers and sales goals do not have it. In the event that you have missed the Cartier, this might not be the first to be slum. However, a Cartier poker box can really be ice breaker before you release the poker cheetah into your next competition.

Set Scully and Scully Poker, $ 1,250

This 320-chip set adds a little class to any home poker space. These chips may be rather expensive yet accompanying many classes. They may be expensive. However, this authentic set is the one that can be borne by many players and play according to plan.

  • His chips are top notch, but wooden cases, high quality in Italy, really stand out.
  • This case includes soft cowhide softened, Dark Reptile Mereptil Benal Leather.
  • Even accompanying keys.

This case will fit into any cave (or woman), an ideal ally for your Stogie Humidor, maybe. Located in New York, Scully and Scully have sold upscale, handmade wooden house goods since 1934. Get poker activities with styles with this poker set.

Gem poker chips, $ 935

Players who are looking for a respectable set but not exactly within Cartier reach may need to see this. The crystal poker chip set is generally easily found at retailers like Amazon. However, you and your poker friends will not mistaken for ordinary ordinary poker chips.

  • These chips abolish exceptional nuances, smooth plans, and the topic of Asian mythical animals.

They will cause your best friend to feel like playing in a beautiful club in Macau. Hope to climb ante? Additional sets accompany some European style plaques, making this much more great. Chips 11.5 grams accompany the price of a strong sticker, but players will see the value in the quality of the original club. Let free my mythical animals with this chip when you face friends.