World Poker Championship

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ClubWPT ™ $ 10,000 high VIP roller

This competition depends on the lottery law. * See gift feasibility for qualification prerequisites. * No need to buy.

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Summer pleasure on virtual feelings.

Summer looks around and the fun of online poker only starts! During a long stretch of July we continued with the high roller competition series of ClubWPT ™ $ 10,000. It highlights one, but satellite week after week, all open the way to the main events that occur on Sunday, Jul 26, 2021. Believe it or not; 4 Qualifications, with 250 seats given in each (1,000 all out), will allow you many opportunities to get your main event chair. At present, on the occasion you don’t solve the bill for chairs in one satellite, you can make a case purchase directly to the main event for 10K TPS. So regardless of whether you don’t win a seat in one of the qualifications, there is a way to secondary engagement to the main event if your Bancrololl allows it. (Come short on tournament points? Look at our Builder series).

$ 2,500 for the first, double the stack and double the pleasure.

Not exclusively doing the main event offering solid portions of real money – how is $ 2,500 for the first, $ 1,000 to the next line and $ 600 for the third spot sound? However, payment also combines liberal loading tournament points to a close tone of ten million! What’s more, as if it was inadequate, we will also slam your initial stack with double the size of the chip on the main event. Believe it or not! Instead of 5,000 initial chip stacks that you usually get regularly in this type of competition and this type, you will peek at the sweet-looking pyramid of 10,000 chips! Regardless of whether you won a chair by taking part in one of the four qualifications running week after week – or utilizing a portion of your bankroll, high roller Cash VIP ClubWpt ™ $ 10,000 is the only chance that you cannot convey this mid-year!

Competition details

  • At the point when: Sunday, Jul 26 2021 @ 4:00 PM et.
  • Anteroom name: $ 10k VIP + high roller challenge.
  • Purchase: 10,000 TPS.
  • Game: Without the limit of Texas Hold’em.
  • Initial stack: 10,000.
  • Payment: 50 Top and TPS success. Top 350 TPS success.
  • Dazzle level: 10 minutes.
  • Break Duration: 5 minutes every level of the sixth visual disorder.
  • Four (4) weeks after week qualifications: Saturday July third, tenth, seventeenth and 24.
  • Satellite Buy-in: 100 TPS.
  • Open for individual VIPs and diamonds.
  • The top 250 finisher from each qualification will win a seat to the main event on Sunday, Jul 26 2021 @ 4:00 PM et.
  • One seat has just been given per player, so please do not enter another qualification about your chance to effectively get your seat before the main VIP $ 10,000 VIP roller event.
  • Regardless of whether a player does not win a seat in one of the 4 qualifications, they can buy directly to the main event for 10,000 polling stations, to the most extreme field of 3,200 players (where 1,000 seats are rejected for the winning satellite).
  • Note: In the request to compete at the main event the VIP CLUBWPT ™ $ 10,000 roller you must be a VIP or diamond part that functions at the mixture and bargaining on Sunday, July 26, 2021.